Coming Soon – Numatic’s 244NX Compact Scrubber Dryer

Numatic 244NX Scrubber Dryer

Introducing Numatic's new battery powered scrubber dryer

Arriving December 2021

Numatic’s most advanced and exciting Floor Cleaning technology.

One pass cleaning performance is achieved by applying brush pressure and powerful drive motors with the right amount of water in the right place.


70% Saving in Cleaning Costs

80% Lower Water Use

See Numatic's 244NX Scrubber Dryer in Action

Power Driving Productivity

Powered by TNE NX300 36V lithom battery pack, the 244NX delivers on performance, run-time, and fast charge. Packed with power, the 30 cell design incorporates our latest battery technology ensuring optimum performance and safety.

Efficient Centrifugal Water Delivery

Direct water feed to the centre of the brushes distributes evenly & consistently across the cleaning area best in lcass water efficiency

Numatic NUC244NX Battery Scrubber

Powerful Brushless Motors

One pass cleaning pefromance by applying brush pressure & prowerful drive motors with the right amount of water in the right place.

Controlled & Lightweight Handling

Delivers controlled & lightweight handling with no messy spray from the twin motor aluminium brush deck

Easy to use

Eliminate frequent bending with foot-operated floor tool.

Numatic NU244NC Scrubber Dryer Parked Up

Park up anywhere

“Park-Up” to move obstacles or carry out other cleaning tasks

Clean, Dry, Safe

Controlled and lightweight handling with no messy spray.

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