How to Strip and Reseal Polished Floors

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Maintaining polished floors does not just mean regular cleaning with a broom, vacuum or mop. 

Periodical stripping and sealing polished floors is an essential maintenance process for restoring their appearance and extending their lifespan. 

What is Strip and Reseal?

A “Strip and Reseal” is the process of stripping away the grime, cleaning film and old, worn sealant from flooring and applying new sealer, to provide a new, sealed finish.

Most hard flooring, such as concrete, marble, vinyl, stone, wood, are safe to strip and reseal however its important to check with the manufacturer first. 

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The Benefits of Stripping and Resealing Polished Floors

Stripping and resealing will preserve the aesthetics, structural integrity and longevity of the flooring material.  

Other benefits of stripping and sealing include:

The process of stripping and sealing floors

On paper, stripping and sealing would appear to be a straightforward process of removing the old surface layer, cleaning the base layer and resealing it with a fresh, new coating.

However, many factors need to be considered including the type and condition of the floor, the amount of foot traffic and the specific conditions of where the work is to be done.  This includes the length of time available to complete the task, which is particularly important in public places where the job is time sensitive. If the job is not done properly, it can result in an uneven surface, streaking and compromised durability.

Strip and seal is a two-part process. Before commencing ensure the floor is cleared and then thoroughly cleaned, removing all dust, dirt and debris.

Part 1 - Stripping

Choose an appropriate stripper chemical for the particular floor type and apply evenly across the surface as per manufacturer’s guidelines. Allow the chemical time to loosen the old sealant which will vary based upon the type of finish & level of build-up. Using a scrubbing brush or floor rotary machine agitate the surface to remove the finish (usually a special stripping pad is attached to the machine). Remove all traces of the old sealant using a wet vacuum or squeegee. Rinse the floor thoroughly ready for the next stage of the process.

Part 2 - Sealing

Once the floor is completely dry the sealer can be applied. Choose a high-quality sealer suitable for the type of flooring and the level of sheen required.  Using a clean mop or sprayer apply the sealer evenly across the surface. Allow to dry and apply further coats based upon manufacturer’s guidelines. The sealer will need time to cure before the floor can be buffed using a floor buffer, to enhance the shine and gloss (this is optional).

While it is possible to perform this two-part process manually, specialised equipment makes short work of what can be a time-consuming and intricate process.

What is the best machine for stripping & sealing?

There are a number of machines that can strip and reseal hard floors including:

These versatile floor machines have been expertly engineered to do heavy duty work on a variety of surfaces including polished marble, vinyl, concrete, natural stone and wooden floors without the need for heavy lifting.  For example, one of our favourite single disc machines, the CM43 FD DS Orbital Single Disc Machine from leading global brand Comac, offers many functions in one machine.  

Why the CM43 F DS Orbital Floor Cleaning Machine is a winner for scrubbing and sealing floors

The Comac CM43 Orbital Spray single disc machine is a highly versatile heavy-duty machine and achieves exceptional results on a variety of floor surfaces, including carpet.  This multifunctionality, together with the machine’s powerful, yet economical, single disc performance, is a key reason why the CM43 Orbital Spray is such a popular option for businesses in the retail, hospitality, healthcare, commercial and industrial sectors.

The machine uses roto-orbital movement for heavy duty scrubbing, de-waxing, crystallisation, polishing and micro-polishing of marble, natural stone, concrete and wooden floors.  The addition of accessories such as the spray kit and vacuum kit expand the machine’s capabilities and it tackles carpets and rugs with ease.  The design of the machine allows precise manoeuvrability and stability, whilst the low energy requirements and reduced water consumption add to its green credentials.

A final word on stripping and resealing polished floors

When the stripping and resealing process is done correctly using a commercial grade machine, it will restore and enhance the floor, improve its aesthetics, protect it against future abrasion and extend its lifespan.  Stripping and resealing is also an important aspect of floor maintenance in settings such as medical facilities, aged care, food processing plants etc where compliance to regulatory health and safety standards is required.

The use of specially formulated stripping solutions and the mechanical action of versatile machines such as the Comac CM43 F DS Orbital Single Disc Machine will remove the old layers of sealer, lift grime, dirt, stains, scratches and scuff marks and apply a new top layer evenly. 

Why buy your floor cleaning machines from Commercial Cleaning Equipment?

Since opening its doors in 2000, Commercial Cleaning Equipment has become the leading supplier of specialised cleaning machines to customers across all industries in WA.  We always base our recommendations on a client’s specific needs and according to the requirements of their particular application, because when it comes to cleaning equipment, there’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.  

Should you wish to find out more about how stripping and sealing can maintain your floor in optimal condition, please get in touch with our friendly professionals at Commercial Cleaning Equipment.  We stock the biggest range of high-quality specialised machines from leading global brands and our team are all highly trained and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the cleaning industry.  Phone us on 08 9249 8744 or get in touch via our website for a quote or to book an onsite demo.

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