Haaga Sweepers

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Haaga manual or battery-powered push sweepers are Made in Germany utilising advanced sweeping design & technology.


Haaga sweepers are belt-free and maintenance-free & feature self lubricating gears. The Intelligent Air Flow System offers two special filters with the air containing dust is cleaned within the machine and returned to the sweeping cycle. 

The turbo sweeping system (patented triple disc brush technology) allow special counter-rotating disc brushes in the front of each unit to cut below the waste and push it directly into the waste container. This allows the unit to pick up large debris in the front. The third finer brush in the middle of the unit will pick up all fine dirt, dust and debris creating a more efficient clean in one pass.


Haaga sweepers are designed for speed sweeping on wet or dry surfaces, indoors or outdoors, everything from fine dust to small and large debris on concrete, asphalt, natural stone, commercial carpeting, tile and linoleum surfaces.

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