Floor and Road Sweepers

Floor and Road Sweepers


Commercial Cleaning Equipment have a large range of high-quality sweepers for floor sweeping and road sweeping in commercial and industrial environments. Whether you are looking for a small push sweeper, a mid-sized battery sweeper or a large diesel-powered sweeper we can help you decide on the best sweeper for sweeping small to very large areas. We only sell high-quality, reliable sweepers from well-known brands such as Tennant, Comac, Karcher, Numatic and Haaga.


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Our highly experienced sales team are professionally trained with the most up-to-date product knowledge about our quality range of commercial floor sweepers and industrial road sweepers. A member of our team can visit your site to undertake a site assessment in order to choose the right sweeper for your needs.


Purchasing a sweeper for your business is an investment that will bring you many advantages and benefits over a long period of time – reduce your costs to clean, increase productivity & enhance the image of your facilities.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a sweeper including:

  • The type of dirt to be removed/cleaned
  • The type of flooring
  • The size of the area that needs to be cleaned


FAQ’s – Sweepers

A sweeper is a wheeled cleaning machine that acts like a traditional broom to remove debris, course dirt and dust from a range of floor surfaces. With the action of a rotating brush or brushes the sweeper moves the dirt & debris into the onboard waste bin for later disposal. Commercial sweepers also include a vacuum whereby it disperses dust using a roller brush, then vacuums the dust using a suction turbine and deposits it in a filter system.  It is an ideal cleaning machine for cleaning floors in industrial premises, warehouses, workshops, roads / streets, manufacturing plants, schools, courtyards, paths, carparks and also for domestic use.

Sweepers come in a range of different models suitable for different cleaning applications across small to large indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Manual Push Sweepers don’t have a motor and operate whereby the rotating brush is connected to the wheels so when the operator pushes the sweeper the brushes rotate and collect the dirt and debris into the waste container. Push sweepers are ideal for cleaning yards, pavements of leaves, dirt and dust and work well on a variety of surfaces including concrete, asphalt, tile & linoleum. Using a manual sweeper is easier and five times faster than with a broom.
  • Walk-Behind Sweepers have a motor which controls the sweeper traction and rotation of the brushes and allows for efficient sweeping of medium sized surfaces (up to approx. 2,500m2). The operator only needs to guide the machine with minimal effort. The motor can be either electric (powered by batteries) or combustion (petrol, diesel or LPG) with different working widths and tank sizes. Walk-behind sweepers offer economical, productive cleaning and are highly manoeuvrable. They are easy to operate due to their compact design and can clean easily and effectively in narrow, congested spaces, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Ride-on Sweepers are motorised sweepers whereby the operator sits on the cleaning machine and steers it like a car. The motors are either electric or combustion engine and can clean medium to larger areas up to 8,000m2. Ride-on sweepers are extremely efficient and highly productive at cleaning large areas quickly. They also help reduce operator fatigue and are used extensively in industry (steel & metal), manufacturing, processing plants, logistics, airports, carparks, and for cleaning warehouses and factories.
  • Street and Road Sweepers are specifically designed to clean roads and parking lots – usually very large areas. Industrial road sweepers are extremely powerful and can collect a variety of waste including lightweight debris (leaves, fine dust, paper) to heavy item of debris including bottles and cans. They feature a large waste container (hopper) to ensure minimal operator downtime, and usually have several stages of filtration.

Commercial sweepers are motorised cleaning machines designed to pick up lightweight sand, dirt and dust to heavy items such as bottles and cans for use in medium to large spaces – either indoors or outdoors. They offer many benefits including cleaning efficiencies (better than manual cleaning methods), ability to clean large areas in much shorter period of time, and reduced operator fatigue. Industrial sweepers are robust and built to operate in harsh environments, offering you years of efficient cleaning, saving you money in the long term.

Road sweepers use one, or sometimes two, spinning brushes positioned at either side of the vehicle to collect debris, which is then collected by a cylindrical brush that sits further back. Any waste is then deposited into a storage hopper, for later disposal.

Manual or push sweepers don’t have a motor and operate with the rotating brush being connected to the wheels so when the operator pushes the sweeper the brushes rotate and collect the dirt and debris into the waste container. Manual sweepers are an affordable investment and perfect for collecting sand, leaves and dirt in small to medium sized spaces.

Sweepers are used in small to large, indoor and outdoor areas, to remove course and stubborn dirt, dust and waste efficiently with minimal effort.

  • Manual push sweepers are ideal for cleaning courtyards, paths, workshops and halls. Used extensively by contract cleaners, trades and small businesses, they are ergonomic, easy-to-use and sweep thoroughly.
  • Medium-sized walk-behind sweepers work well in both narrow, congested areas and medium sized spaces, both indoors and outdoors. They are used extensively in shopping centres, hotels, schools, hospitals, airports, mining and construction, factories and warehouses, car parks, sport and leisure facilities and public spaces.
  • Large industrial ride-on sweepers are used in the logistics sector, warehouses, manufacturing & processing plants, the construction industry, factories, steel and metal industries and car parks. They are designed for the toughest industrial use for large areas where there is increased volumes of debris and dirt.

Sweepers can be used to clean different floor surfaces including asphalt, stone, concrete, tiles, linoleum, short haired carpets and artificial turf. Different roller brushes can be used that feature different bristle hardness for cleaning a variety of surfaces. For instance, brushes with soft bristles are perfect for removing dirt and fine dust on smooth floors indoors, including carpeted areas. Medium bristle hardness brushes are used for normal sweeping of leaves, debris and street dirt on asphalt and stone. Much harder bristles are required for rough surfaces to remove stubborn dirt and waste in tough industrial settings.

A sweeper is a cleaning machine that will clean floors and roads of dust, rubbish, debris using rotating brushes to vacuum or push the dirt into the waste container.

Essentially it combines a broom and vacuum in one powerful machine. Floor sweepers usually involve a dry cleaning process.

Floor scrubbers have either a rotary (disc) or cylindrical scrub head and an automated system for dispensing the cleaning solution. They work by the operator dispensing a cleaning agent, agitating and breaking up the dirt, then vacuuming it up with a squeegee attachment at the back of the machine. There are two tanks in an auto scrubber – a dispensing (solution) tank and a collection (recovery) tank. This allows the dirty water to be kept separate from the clean water. Floor scrubbers usually involve a wet cleaning process.

Floor scrubbers work better for cleaning floors with built up grease and grime brought in by heavy foot traffic. Sweeper don’t require water or chemicals and are highly efficient at cleaning dirt, leaves, debris in small and large outdoor areas. In general, if you were going to mop it use a scrubber if you were going to use a broom use a sweeper.

The function of sweepers and scrubbers may slightly overlap however in large commercial and industrial facilities the best cleaning result would be provided by a combination of the two cleaning machines.

If you are looking at investing in cleaning equipment for your business or home it’s important to look at the type of cleaning you will be doing and the floor type to be cleaned i.e. hard floors or carpeted areas.  Both vacuum cleaners  & sweeping machines efficiently remove dirt and debris form a variety of floor surfaces. Vacuum cleaners spick up more dust than sweepers and are more suited for cleaning thick carpets particularly where deep cleaning is required. Sweepers can be more efficient at cleaning hard floor surfaces due to the size of the machine and waste container with less interruptions emptying the waste.

Sweepers can be used for a variety of different purposes and come in many sizes offering a superior cost-effective cleaning solution for your business or facility. Starting from a manual push sweeper for small areas to walk behind battery-powered floor sweepers for compact, congested areas to industrial ride-on road or street sweepers for very large areas.


It is really important to discuss your requirements with a cleaning equipment provider that understands the different cleaning application and your particular needs. Only purchase quality, well-known, branded equipment from suppliers that have a proven track record of manufacturing robust, reliable sweeping machines utilising the latest technology. This should be backed up by training and after sales support.


Choosing the right sweeper for your business is critical to ensure you have a good investment, saving you money in the long term and creating a safe, clean environment for your facility.


The key things to consider when choosing a sweeper:

  • Primary purpose of cleaning: what types of surfaces will you be cleaning and what are the types and levels of debris to be collected. Also consider the frequency of cleaning which will determine the size of the machine you will need, particularly if only a short window of cleaning is provided. Different models of sweepers are suited to different cleaning applications. For instance, manual push sweepers are ideal for sweeping paths and smaller areas, walk-behind models are versatile for cleaning both small and large areas inside and outdoors. Ride-on sweepers are used extensively for regular cleaning of large industrial spaces.
  • Size, layout and accessibility of the area to be cleaned: what is the size of the area to be cleaned? Is it indoors or outdoors? The layout of the area is also an important consideration as narrow congested areas need a more compact sweeper. Are there any ramps or inclines where safety features would need to be considered. Sweepers can feature attachments that assist in cleaning hard to reach areas. If there are time constraints for cleaning a larger machine with a wider working width may be more suitable. The cleaning capacity is generally measured in square metres per hour which takes in account working width and driving speed. The size of the debris tank is also important as time will be required to empty it.
  • Types of surfaces to be cleaned– most sweepers are designed for use on hard floors. However, some sweepers can be easily adapted to use on carpeted areas through a change of brush type to one with softer bristles.
  • Power source – Sweepers come either with no motor, an electric motor or a combustion engine. Manual push sweepers are ideal for small areas where noise is a consideration. Sweepers with electric motors, powered by batteries, are ideal for small to medium sized areas either indoors or outdoors. When choosing an electric model consider the battery running time and charge time and the availability of power to charge the batteries. Sweepers with a combustion engine are more suited to outdoors due to the noise and potential emissions and the availability and storage of fuel should also be considered.
  • Noise levels – noise levels may have an impact on daytime cleaning where building occupants are likely to be disturbed. Manual sweepers or electric sweepers may be more suitable if noise is a factor due to low noise emissions. It is important to check the noise level on each model before purchase.
  • Timeframe for cleaning – if you are cleaning your own facility how will cleaning fit in with your operating hours? For example, if you run a 24-hour production facility will floor cleaning impact on your down-time and productivity? If you are a contract cleaner do you have a limited timeframe for cleaning? These are important questions that will determine the size of the machine and coverage rate per hour required.
  • Productivity – Facility Managers and Contract Cleaners need to ensure the sweeper is the correct size for the cleaning application and size of area i.e. if the machine is too small, many trips will be required to empty the dirt hopper which will lead to too much unproductive working time. Larger machines may provide significant cost savings for cleaning by getting the job done quicker.
  • Operator Comfort – the ergonomics of machine is particularly important when considering operator comfort and fatigue caused by long periods of use. Ride-on models provide a controlled, comfortable environment for the operator. Walk-behind model feature ergonomically designed handles that can be adjusted to suit the operator’s height.
  • Budget – with the vast range of sweeping machines on the market, it means that every budget is catered for. It is worth spending some time on what your budget is for the capital outlay factoring in the ongoing costs, productivity and costs savings. Some ongoing costs include regular maintenance, repairs, the cost of operating e.g. fuel and labour costs. When comparing models it is worth looking at the coverage rate per hour as you may find you will have significant cost savings by purchasing a larger, more productive machine.
  • Maintenance – it is important that cleaning equipment is maintained in order to function efficiently and effectively. When choosing on a sweeper brand & model ensure there is a local service provider to conduct regular maintenance and repairs on your machine and has ready access to spare parts.
  • Available Storage on Site – the site and location of the area within which the machine will be stored will also impact your decision on what size machine to purchase.

Commercial and industrial sweepers are essential cleaning machines for efficiently cleaning floors and roads. Purchasing a sweeper is an investment for the long-term offering many advantages and benefits including:

  • Higher quality cleaning – sweepers can clean more quickly and more effectively than manual cleaning methods such as sweeping with a broom and mopping. Business owners need to ensure they maintain a clean and hygienic workplace. Commercial and industrial sweepers provide an excellent standard of cleaning with advanced suction technology to reduce dust particles in the environment. Also the dust is trapped through the filtration system and hopper which reduces the risk of cross- contamination.
  • Increase productivity & reduce labour costs– commercial and industrial sweepers require less labour time and offer fast and efficient cleaning. Large areas such as carparks, factories, shopping centres, can be cleaned in a fraction of the time.
  • Safety – more timely and efficient cleaning will ensure your employees and the public will be kept safe form hazards including slips, trips and falls.
  • User friendly – Most sweepers are easy to use, comfortable and require minimal training so an existing employee could be the operator. Operator fatigue is substantially reduced when moving from manual sweeping to using a floor sweeper. Walk-behind and ride-on sweepers feature intuitive user interfaces and easy installation that allows you to start using your sweeper in no time.
  • Durable, reliable and robust – when purchasing a quality-branded sweeper you are investing in a reliable, robust cleaning machine of high quality construction. Costs to service and maintain are low. Commercial sweepers are designed to withstand the toughest working conditions, both indoors and outdoors, meaning your investment will be paid back in no time.
If you need help choosing the right floor or road sweeper for your business contact us today on (08) 9249 8744 for a site visit and demonstration or visit our store to view our full range of Commercial and Industrial Floor and Road Sweepers.

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