Vacuum Cleaners

Our Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners


Choosing the right vacuum cleaner is never more important in order to create a healthier, cleaner environment. By choosing the best commercial and industrial vacuums for your application, you can keep your floors clean, ensure the safety of employees and customers and provide a positive image for your business.


Commercial Cleaning Equipment offers a huge range of all types of commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners from upright vacuums, to battery-powered, backpack vacuums, wet and dry vacuums, step-on vacuums, stick vacuums, barrel vacuums, hazardous vacuums and commercial vacuum cleaners for specific applications.

We only stock leading world-famous brands such as Numatic, Tennant, Pacvac, Pullman, Comac, Karcher and more.


When choosing a vacuum cleaner its important top consider:

  • Type – whether a backpack, barrel or upright vacuum cleaner
  • Power Supply – whether battery or electric
  • Speciality – are there particular specific applications that need to be considered i.e. hazardous dust, fine dust, industrial
  • Dirt to be collected – Wet and dry, dry only or wet only
  • Filters – how important is air quality? Are HEPA filters required?

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