Actichem Crete Clean “Safe-acid” cleaner and concrete residue remover

Actichem Crete Clean

Actichem Crete Clean is a “safe-acid” cleaner and concrete residue remover.

Crete Clean is an advance in the chemistry of removing concrete and grout residues from mixing and transportation equipment. Highly effective as a heavy duty concrete cleaner which is also used for cleaning concretors tools and equipment. Ideal for removing grout smear and concrete splashes from tiles and walls.
Crete Clean is a low pH organic salt that has been blended with biodegradable wetting agents. Crete Clean is based on unique technology known as acid-replacement chemistry, and although low in pH, does not contain traditional acids such as Hydrofluoric, Hydrochloric, Sulphuric, Phosphoric, Nitric, Citric, Sulphamic, Oxalic or Glycolic.
The organic salt, being low in pH, acts like an acid in the cleaning process but has none of the adverse characteristics associated with acid cleaners. This provides the user with all the concrete and grout residue cleaning and removal power needed, without the associated dangers of using an acid.

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Actichem Crete Clean

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