SEBO Dart 3 Vacuum/Polisher with Ultra High Speed Polishing Head

  • art 3 UHS Polishing Head attaches to your suitable SEBO Vacuum
  • Ideal for maintaining high gloss smooth floors
  • Polishes and hygienically cleans at the same time
  • No water, polishing sands or chemicals required


This is optimal hard floor care, only from SEBO – easy and without the use of chemicals or water. The innovative Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) Floor Polisher attachment head works with a patented drive disc. Its automatic torque controlled height adjustment guarantees that the floor pad is at the optimum setting.


  • With a rotation of 2000 U/min and with a resin containing micro diamonds coating the floor pads, the SEBO UHS polisher creates a unique gloss effect on the floor surface effortlessly.
  • Microscopic surface imperfections are removed resulting in a shiny, smooth surface which is easier to keep clean and which reduces the surface area available for micro-organisms to live on.
  • Other machines using diamond pads require water to control friction, but with the UHS polisher this is achieved by the automatic pad adjustment system. Because the UHS system is liquid-free, there is no damp which can encourage the growth of bacteria and other organisms, no need to seal off an area for cleaning and you can save time and cost of applying chemical treatments.
  • Suitable for Terrazzo, Lino, Vinyl, Marble, Woods, Polished Concrete and certain tiles just to name a few
  • In combination with a SEBO vacuum the polishing head turns into an Asset Maintenance and Presentation System (SAMPS).
  • Featured in Australian House & Garden Magazine and Better Homes & Gardens LIVE Sydney.

Technical Information

Motor 200 W
Speed 2000 U/min
Working Width 30 cm

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SEBO Dart 3 Vacuum/Polisher with Ultra High Speed Polishing Head

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SEBO Dart 3 Vacuum/Polisher with Ultra High Speed Polishing Head

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