Tecnovap Jetsteam Inox Steam Cleaner

  • Powerful, portable, lightweight industrial steam cleaner
  • Built for large commercial or small industrial environments
  • Never run out of water with automatic refilling system
  • 165oC superheated 94% dry steam vapour under 6 bar pressure
Finance From $47 Per Week (excl. GST)

*based on a 36 month finance lease


The Inox is the most advanced steam generator of its kind. It combines the design and technology of over 25 years of commercial steam generator research and development. The Inox features a powerful 7L water and 7L detergent tank, and 5L boiler.


  • Our easy “connect and go” feature allows for a hose to be plugged directly into the machine providing a 24/7, continuous water supply. No cleaning downtime, no stopping to fill up your machine.
  • The advanced digital control panel features a unique timer, allowing for your machine to automatically “wake up” and turn on, and operate by itself.
  • The only machine to have both water and detergent injection features. Control it all through a flick of the switch.
  • It’s powerful 7L water tank provides a hot water blast that rinses and flushes away debris, dirt and grime.
  • At the heart of every great machine is the boiler. This huge 5L boiler engine is 30 per cent bigger than any other machine of its kind.

Technical Information

Pressure 6-10 Bar
Water /Detergent Tank 7.5 L/7.5L
Steam Temperature 180°C
Steam Production  97 g/min or 5.9 kg/h
Max power  3.65 kW
Weight 30kg

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Tecnovap Jetsteam Inox Steam Cleaner

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