Tecnovap Jetvac Major Steam Cleaner

  • Incredibly powerful industrial steam vacuum for toughest industrial cleaning
  • Extra large 37 L capacity steam generator, detergent injection, wet/dry vacuum
  • Powerful Steam: +165°C steam to kill bacteria and remove stains
  • Available in both single phase 6 bar and three phase 10 bar
Finance From $71 Per Week (excl. GST)

*based on a 36 month finance lease


The Jetvac Major 3 Phase is an incredibly powerful industrial steam vacuum designed specifically for extra power. Intended to be both efficient and effective, the Jetvac Major requires 3 Phase power and has a 10.8kW boiler that generates an impressive 260 g/min of +180°C super-heated 94% dry steam.


  • This raw power of the 3 Phase Jetvac Major combined with detergent injection will effectively make short work of any cleaning requirements you may have. As for efficiency, a 15L water reserve tank and water consumption rating of only 12L/h at full pressure, ensures the Jetvac Major 3 Phase can perform uninterrupted for extra long periods of time.
  • Featuring a 7.3L automatic refilling stainless steel boiler with a 15 litre water reserve, the Jetvac Major 3 Phase produces unlimited continuous +180°C super-heated 94% dry steam vapour at up to 10 Bar pressure. If water runs lows low simply top up the reserve tank and continue cleaning.
  • Other major features include an inbuilt transport trolley, a 15 litre detergent tank, a powerful 1200w wet/dry vacuum system and an extra durable watertight IPX5 rotational moulded outer casing to withstand harsh operating conditions.
  • The Jetvac Major 3 Phase is used in industrial environments with 3 Phase power supply that require extra high quality steam cleaning for long periods of time. For instance, the Jetvac Major 3 Phase is mostly used in food production facilities like confectionaries or abattoirs and industrial engineering plants.

Technical Information

Pressure 6 or 10 Bar
Water Storage 35L
Recovery Vacuum Drum 14L
Steam temperature 165-180°C
Continuous Steam Yes
Hot Water Injection Yes
Max Power 4800 or 12100 W
Weight 74kg

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Tecnovap Jetvac Major Steam Cleaner

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