Tennant T16AMR Industrial Robotic Floor Scrubber

  • Safely operate and avoid obstacles with the T16AMR robotic cleaning machine
  • Learn and repeat model ensures consistent cleaning performance
  • Reduce the cost to clean – ​​allow your employees to perform high-value tasks
  • Reduce detergent & water usage, saving you money


T16AMR, an industrial robotic floor scrubber addresses common labor challenges, reduces the need for pre-sweeping, drives efficiencies and maintain a high standard of cleaning. Powered by BrainOS®, an advanced artificial intelligence and robotic technology platform the autonomous scrubbing robot is designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees & customers.


  • Reduce detergent usage and use less water, both saving you money and minimizing your environmental impact, with ec-H2O NanoClean®
  • technology.
  • Clean thoroughly in a single pass with a cylindrical scrub head and high-performance vacuum system.
  • Engineered for safety, the T16AMR operates in complex, real world environments with BrainOS® advanced vision-based technology.
  • Choose the right power source for your facility: high-capacity lithium ion or flooded lead acid batteries. See below for additional details.
  • Clean larger and more open environments in industrial facilities with a high-powered lower LIDAR system.
  • Enhance user experience and simplify maintenance troubleshooting with intuitive controls and operator-centric design.
  • Maintain health and safety of employees and guests with on-board safety measures like cameras and sensors.
  • Monitor cleaning performance and other key metrics with both daily and weekly reporting.
  • Prevent squeegee damage with rear squeegee protection kit and suite of sensors.
  • Save time and ensure proper maintenance with yellow touch points.
  • Support employee and facility safety with full LED safety package, including a standard forward projection blue light to alert personnel of the AMR’s location and direction of travel.
  • Easily maintain flooded lead acid batteries, with battery watering system.

Technical Information

Cleaning Path 91 cm
Solution/Recovery Tank 190/225L
Power Source 36 V Battery
Run Time 4-5.5 hrs

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Tennant T16AMR Industrial Robotic Floor Scrubber

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Tennant T16AMR Industrial Robotic Floor Scrubber

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