What is a Floor Scrubbing Robot?

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Floor scrubbing robots or Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are autonomous floor scrubbing machines that map, navigates and cleans floors without the need for a manual operator. robotic floor scrubber are ideal for tackling dull, repetitive, labour-intensive floor cleaning tasks and are particularly useful to increase productivity over large floor areas.

Benefits of Robotic Floor Scrubbers

Address Labour Challenges

Labour is always a major operational cost and many organisations are facing both rising labour costs and a shortage of qualified, experienced and reliable cleaning personnel. Additionally, as cleaning standards increase, more labour may be necessary. Overextending cleaning teams is common due to high staff turnover, absenteeism and the general limited labour shortages in Australia.

High standards of cleaning every time 

During the outbreak of COVID 19 across the globe the need for higher standards of cleaning, more frequent, intensive cleaning & a focus on infection control has never been greater. The rise in cleaning demands has put further pressure on cleaning staff and can result in a trade off between quantity and quality of work.

More Efficient Cleaning Teams

Robotic floor scrubbers aren’t replacing cleaning staff but working alongside them to make cleaning teams more efficient.

Supporting Faster Cleaning Times

One of the major metrics for Hospitals & Aged Care is how quickly a room can be cleaned, disinfected and made available for the next patient. By deploying robotic floor scrubbing machines to handle routine floor cleaning, healthcare organisations can re-allocate cleaning staff to spend more time on the complex, high-touch requirements of cleaning and disinfecting a patient room in between uses.

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The Impact of the Pandemic

During the global health crisis it has been more important than ever to free up staff to do other high-value cleaning tasks. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of robotic automation in cleaning activities due to a higher demand for the level and frequency of cleaning and disinfecting.


Dennis Collins, Senior Product Manager at Tennant Company, has found that “customers are embracing robotics more than ever before” during the pandemic. “The pandemic has put a focus on cleanliness and cleanliness is now part of a company’s brand,” he said. “Automation can help our customers improve the cleanliness of their facilities, creating healthier and safer spaces for their employees and customers.

Robotic floor scrubbers are ideal for scrubbing large floor areas including retail and grocery stores, airports, schools, hospitals, warehouses, logistics centres, manufacturing facilities and other public locations.

Robotic floor scrubbers are generally the same as the core cleaning machines already in use and fitted with an array of sensors and the on-board Artificial Intelligence BrainOS® interface. This significantly simplifies training & adoption by cleaning teams as they are familiar with the base model floor scrubber

Key Features of Tennant''s Robotic Scrubbers

Commercial Cleaning Equipment are proud distributors for Tennant’s robotic scrubbers and have experience setting up, training and supporting these floor cleaning machines.

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