5 Best Cleaning Machines To Clean A School

Karcher BR 45 22 C Floor scrubber
There are many reasons why every school environment needs to be kept clean and hygienic including the safety and health of staff, students and visitors.

With so many areas to be cleaned it can be overwhelming determining what types of cleaning machines are needed to clean the following areas within a school facility:

  • Hard floors and carpeted floors in classrooms, stairwells, halls, gymnasiums, auditoriums
  • Tile and grout and other hard surfaces in bathrooms, change rooms and canteens
  • Touch point cleaning of desks, door handles, light switches, handrails, keyboards etc
  • Parking lots, footpaths, sporting facilities & other outdoor areas

Making the right choice of cleaning machine is a crucial factor in the school’s ability to meet regulated standards of cleanliness and hygiene.  The cleaning equipment needs to be robust, powerful, versatile and effective, and it also needs to meet the school’s financial management objectives. Having the right cleaning machine can help your school increase cleaning efficiencies, improve productivity and elevate cleaning standards.

Five best cleaning machines for schools

Commercial Cleaning Equipment is Perth’s most trusted commercial and industrial cleaning equipment provider and we’ve been meeting the cleaning and hygiene needs of schools in WA for over 20 years.  If you are looking for an overall cleaning solution for your school, we can help.

Based on decades of experience in providing school cleaning equipment to the Education sector, these are our top five recommendations for cleaning machines that deliver first-class results in terms of quality, performance, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness.

1. Tennant E5 Carpet Extractor

This low-profile carpet extractor delivers an extremely powerful, deep clean and is particularly effective in cleaning carpeted floors in congested, hard-to-reach areas, such as classrooms.  The quiet operation of the Tennant E5 Carpet Extractor is also suitable for noise-sensitive environments, so it can be used during school hours if required.

The machine’s brushes automatically adjust to different lengths of carpet pile while its dual overlapping spray jets and exceptional vacuum suction ensure a deep and thorough clean.  The Tennant E5 is a compact machine that is easy-to-use and features low-effort pullback operation and ergonomic handle to reduce the likelihood of operator fatigue. It is an ideal machine for cleaning carpeted classrooms …..

Tennant EX SC 1530 carpet extractor 2

2. Duplex 420 with Steam Floor Scrubber

The Duplex 420 with Steam Floor Scrubber is an all-in-one floor scrubber/washer/dryer, a versatile machine that makes floor cleaning faster and easier than ever before. It can clean all types of floor surfaces including carpet and hard floors including, tile, vinyl, flotex, ceramic, stone, rubber and sporting surfaces. The use of 95% dry steam vapour is particularly important to penetrate deep into pores of the surface, emulsifying grease and removing hidden dirt, germs and stubborn stains.

Innovative engineering with dual cylindrical brushes, unique offset brush design and two way handle allows cleaning to the very edge where floor meets wall.  This machine exceeds the AS/NZS 3733 standards for cleaning maintenance of commercial carpeting and because it simultaneously steams, scrubs and dries floors in a single pass it ensures the carpets aren’t left wet after cleaning, and so is ideal for use in busy school environments to reduce cleaning and drying times.

Duplex 420 Steam Cleaner

It can be operated with ease by one person and only requires a single pass for extracting, scrubbing, steaming, washing and extracting.  This versatility means reduced cleaning times and greater efficiencies – all of which are vital considerations when it comes to choosing cleaning equipment for a school. It is an ideal machine for cleaning toilet blocks, changerooms, vinyl and tiled floors and kitchen cleaning.

3. Pacvac Superpro 700 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

There are many reasons why this powerful backpack vacuum is the first-choice model for commercial cleaners tasked with cleaning large-scale environments, such as schools.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic body-moulded frame
  • High efficiency 1000W brushless motor
  • 4-stage HEPA filtration
  • Extra-long 18m cord for extended range of movement
  • Cord holder to keep the cord neat and tidy, preventing tripping and tangling hazards

The frame of this Pacvac Superpro 700 moulds to the body, and its cleverly designed harness and thick padding provide ultimate operator comfort that school cleaners require.  This reliable, robust and powerful commercial-grade vacuum delivers superior suction whilst the 18m long cord allows your cleaners to complete vacuuming without having to switch power points all the time. It is an ideal machine for daily cleaning of classrooms, administration areas, corridors and entrance halls.

Pacvac Superpro Battery 700 Advance Backpack Vacuum

4. Jet 3 Motorscrubber Jet

The powerful scrubbing action of this versatile, yet compact, and lightweight machine cleans ingrained dirt from any surface, making it the ideal machine to deal with the demands of cleaning hard-to-reach areas within schools.

Tiles, grout lines, hard floor surfaces, stairwells, skirting boards, walls, even tight corners in bathrooms are no match for this powerful handheld floor cleaning machine.   The high torque M10 motor generates exceptional deep cleaning results and its on-demand spray feature enables targeted application of the cleaning solution.

The JET3 weighs less than 2kgs and with its streamlined controls and powerful MotorScrubber backpack technology, the machine can be operated with ease for prolonged periods of time.  It also has an integrated telescopic handle which can be adjusted to any user height and pivoted to give the operator unrestricted access to tight spots beneath and behind objects.

The JET3 is ideal for cleaning hard floors and tiles in small hard-to reach areas in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, pool areas and for cleaning stairs, baseboards &skirtings.

5. Karcher KM 70/20 C 2SB Walk Behind Sweeper

This push sweeper is an excellent choice for simple, fast and efficient sweeping of a school’s outdoor areas such as footpaths, car parks, courtyards, tennis courts, around swimming pools and for any other large open space.

The Karcher KM 70/20 C 2SB Walk Behind Sweeper enables areas to be swept six times faster than a manual broom and the fine dust filter and airflow control enables virtually dust-free sweeping.

This professional push sweeper is driven via both wheels so that the machine sweeps equally well in left-hand and right-hand bends and also offers very good straight-line control.  The retractable side brushes and adjustable main roller brush mean it can be used with ease on different surfaces, and the three height options on the push handle deliver superior operator comfort and ergonomics.

Karcher KM 70/20 C 2SB Push Sweeper

Other standout features of this walk-behind sweeper include moisture-proof bristles, robust plastic frame and a large dirt receptacle which can be emptied with ease.  It also folds flat, so it can be transported between different areas of the school or stored away conveniently.  

Why you should buy your school cleaning equipment from us

Family owned and operated, Commercial Cleaning Equipment, has been an industry leader since 1999 and we have established a strong reputation in WA for our high-quality cleaning equipment from leading global brands such as Tennant, Karcher, Comac, Duplex, MotorScrubber, and more.

We’ve developed a deep understanding of the various challenges and requirements involved in the cleaning of school environments and have been advising facility managers on the best cleaning solutions for decades. We have a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions for all different parts of the education and training industry.

At Commercial Cleaning Equipment we stand by every machine we sell and provide excellent after-sales service including training, service maintenance and repairs. Our team of mobile technicians are available 24/7 to repair and service your cleaning equipment.

If you want innovative, cost-effective and powerful solutions to maintain a clean, hygienic and healthy school environment, our team of highly qualified and knowledgeable specialists can help.  Contact us today for a free on-site survey or to book an equipment demonstration.

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