Floor Scrubbers

Floor Scrubbers


Our range of commercial and industrial floor scrubbers is second to none, including both ride-on, walk-behind scrubbers, autonomous mobile robotic scrubbers and battery powered models.


Talk to the experts in commercial cleaning equipment to assist you in choosing the right commercial and industrial floor scrubber for your cleaning needs.

There will be a floor scrubber that is perfect for deep-cleaning, maintaining or polishing hard floors including tiles, terrazzo, vinyl, concrete, wood, and carpets.


Increase productivity by investing in the latest floor cleaning technology.

Commercial & Industrial Floor Scrubbers

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Floor scrubber dryers are the most cost-effective cleaning solutions for cleaning a variety of hard floors, both internal and external. Also known as automatic floor scrubbers (or auto scrubbers) these floor cleaning machines replace manual, traditional cleaning methods (i.e. mop and bucket) to remove dirt, debris, dust, oil, grease & floor marks and dry the floors so that they can be walked on immediately. Commercial floor scrubbers are ideal for cleaning warehouses, shopping centres, airports, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and other commercial facilities. These floor cleaning machines come in many sizes, from walk-behind to ride-on models, with a variety of energy sources.


Floor scrubbers can save you time and money and offer a quicker, much more hygienic cleaning solution with a higher quality outcome, than traditional cleaning methods.


To find out more about our range of floor scrubbers and how they work contact the experts at CCE today.

Floor scrubbers offer efficiencies and powerful cleaning of all types of floor surfaces. Improve cleaning productivity with a cleaning machine that will breakdown the dirt, vacuum and clean the floor and leave it completely dry – the fastest way to clean floors! These scrubbing machines also offer health benefits and are much easier to use and more hygienic than an old-fashioned mop and bucket.


At Commercial Cleaning Equipment we have been providing advice on the best floor cleaning machine to meet our diverse range of client’s needs across healthcare, hospitality, education, leisure, mining, retail spaces, factories, warehouses, offices and more.


We only stock quality branded, durable, commercial and industrial grade auto scrubbers that allow you to clean more effectively and efficiently. Our commercial and industrial scrubber dryers are robust, powerful and offer versatility across many floor types. Choosing the right auto scrubber is critical to professional cleaning.

Comac Vispa XL Walk Behind Scrubber RestaurantTennant T600e walk behind scrubber orbital hospital

Floor scrubbers have either a rotary (disc) or cylindrical scrub head and an automated system for dispensing the cleaning solution. Floor scrubbers work by the user dispensing a cleaning agent, mixed with water, on to a pad or brush, which agitates and breaks up the dirt, then vacuums it up with a squeegee attachment at the back of the machine. There are usually two tanks in an auto scrubber – a dispensing (solution) tank and a collection (recovery) tank. This allows the dirty water to be kept separate from the clean water.


Floor scrubbers are versatile cleaning machines that can clean a large combination of materials, liquids, and textures on many and various floor types.

There are many types of floor scrubbers including:

  • Walk Behind Scrubbers – ideal for cleaning smaller spaces, hard to reach areas and are generally lighter in weight and more portable. Walk behind scrubbers can be battery operated or mains powered.
  • Ride On Floor Scrubbersideal for large areas indoors and outdoors
  • Robotic Floor Scrubbers – our range of robotic floor scrubbers utilise the latest technology and significantly improved productivity by allowing the operator to be redeployed to other high level cleaning tasks whilst the machine scrubs the floor independently.
  • Power Source – scrubbers can be battery powered, electric, LPG or diesel powered.

When choosing a floor scrubbing machine there are a number of factors to consider including:


  • Type of floor surface to be cleaned – do you need to sweep, scrub and dry or just scrub & dry? What surfaces are to be cleaned –  terrazzo, vinyl, concrete, wood, carpet, tiles?
  • The size of surface area – large areas or small spaces, whether there are any obstructions on the floor, adequate water tank capacity. A compact push scrubber is deal for small areas, narrow aisles, hard to reach spaces and ride-on scrubbers will provide greater productivity in large open areas.
  • Frequency of cleans – if the surface requires daily cleans a robust scrubber dryer is required and brand is very important.
  • Efficiency – your investment should be cost effective with the aim to improve productivity and overall cost of cleaning by using less water. Consider energy efficiencies.
  • Storage, access & portability – consider where the cleaning machine will be located and how easy to transport to the areas to be cleaned.
  • Noise levels – is there are requirement to emit low noise levels particularly in office spaces and where cleaning cannot be undertaken out of hours.
  • Durability – a quality scrubber will last for years if maintained correctly. Consider the materials used in the construction of the machine and the warranty period.
  • Budget – what is the budget for your investment? Consider a reduction in current staff cleaning costs & productivity improvements. Will you purchase outright or consider our finance options – lease or hire.
  • Training – who will provide training to your staff on the correct use of the floor scrubber? CCE have qualified trainers to provide initial and ongoing training.

At Commercial Cleaning Equipment we only offer high quality floor scrubbing machines including Tennant ( USA), Comac (Italy), Duplex (Italy), Karcher (Germany), Numatic (United Kingdom). All of these suppliers of floor scrubbing machines have been manufacturing floor scrubbers for decades and have made significant progress with technological advancements.


All of the above brands have been established for at least 25 years, and in some cases much longer, and during this time they have become global market leaders. We have many examples of floor scrubbers from these manufacturers that are over 10 years old and still going strong! 


When considering your purchase of a floor scrubber look at the manufacturers who provide the best after sales service including the warranty provisions, availability and ongoing supply of spare parts, training and having suitably qualified technicians.

Floor scrubbing machines come in various sizes from compact scrubber dryers to small, medium and large industrial floor cleaners to clean, scrub & dry floor areas from 30m2 to 30,000m2.


To choose the best floor scrubber consideration should be given to the type of floor being cleaned, the size of the floor area and specific requirements for cleaning such as, low noise levels, congested or open areas, the degree of soiling, preferred energy source (mains-operated, battery-powered or engine-driven).


Commercial Cleaning Equipment (CCE) offer over 100 models of floor scrubbing machines for all types of cleaning applications. The best floor scrubber is one that is manufactured with the highest quality materials, is built to last, innovative in its design and is suited to the type of floor being cleaned. We only sell quality branded cleaning machines backed by comprehensive warranties and ongoing service plans to ensure your cleaning machines have maximum uptime. Our world-leading brands include Tennant, Comac, Karcher, Duplex, MotorScrubber and Numatic. If you need help choosing the best floor scrubber we recommend you contact the experts at CCE for a site survey & demonstration or visit our store in Malaga.

If you have never used a floor scrubber before don’t worry most models are very easy to use. Most quality branded machines will have intuitive controls that allow the operator to be easily guided through it’s operation. It is important to ensure all operators are fully trained before use and CCE can provide initial and back up training. Don’t purchase a floor scrubber from a supplier that does not offer training.

Generally, there are 3 main steps to operating a floor scrubbing machine:


1. Preparation

    • Review any safety guidelines and ensure all components of the scrubber are in good condition.
    • If battery-powered, check battery levels. Ensure any power cables are coiled and not tangled to avoid running over the cable.
    • Fill the tank with clean water and the required amount of cleaning solution.

2. Operating the Auto Scrubber

  • Whilst there are some differences in operating procedure between brands, most involve the lowering of the scrub head, either by use of a pedal or a button on the machine.
  • The next step is to lower the squeegee assembly and now you are ready to start cleaning your floor. Push the power button & then pull on the handle towards the operator to commence cleaning. As it travels forward the desired amount of cleaning solution is distributed to the floor. The brush and cleaning solution scrub the floor clean. When travelling forward the squeegee wipes the dirty solution from the floor. The scrub vacuum fan draws the dirty solution collected by the squeegee and deposits it into the recovery tank. The floor scrubber should be moved in a forward motion. For heavily soiled areas, this may need more than one pass over the affected area.

3. Post Operation Maintenance

  • After you’ve finished scrubbing the floor empty any remaining water and cleaning solution from the tanks and rinse out with clean water.
  • Allow the tanks to dry by leaving tank lids open. If it is a battery-powered floor scrubber place on charge so it is fully charged for next use. Ensure the steering handle is in upright position when storing the floor scrubber away.
  • The floor pads or brushes should also be removed and cleaned if worn out and changed regularly, depending on the type of flooring you are cleaning.
  • Remove the squeegee assembly and clean it.

The purpose of a squeegee blade on a floor scrubber is to collect and guide the water into the recovery tank. If your floor scrubber is leaving water on the floor it may mean the squeegee blade needs adjusting or replacing. Also, if the squeegee is wearing out too quickly or creating too much suction (evidenced by a trumpeting sound), it may need to be adjusted.


Adjusting a squeegee is easy and generally involves these steps:

  • Raise the squeegee to its highest position. Clean the blade so that any debris is removed.
  • Take off the vacuum hose and check for blockages.
  • Lower the blade to adjust the squeegee to be parallel to the floor. Then make small adjustments to reduce or increase air leak by either raising or lowering the wheels of the squeegee assembly or by adjusting the angle of assembly when in contact with the floor. The ideal angle of the squeegee will differ depending on the type of floor surface e.g. smooth floors will require a slightly greater air leak under the front blade than rough floors.
  • Lower the squeegee back into place and test its effectiveness. If water streaks are still forming, the blade itself may need to be replaced.
  • We recommend you read the operator’s instruction manual before adjusting you squeegee as all models and brands of floor scrubbers differ slightly.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment offer hire / rental of floor scrubbers on a daily, weekend, or weekly basis. If you are looking for a longer period of time we would be happy to talk about your requirements and put a plan in place.


We also can put you in touch with third party Finance professionals who offer competitive finance leases meaning you can purchase now and pay back over a period of time, with the machine being yours at the end of the lease period.


Contact us on 08 9249 8744 to discuss your cleaning requirements and the best floor cleaning machine for your needs.

With 20+ years experience providing floor cleaning solutions to Perth and regional Western Australia we are your first point of contact when choosing a floor scrubber. We have worked with all industries and government departments to choose the best auto scrubber for a variety of floor surfaces and floor areas.

Our professional team will provide an on-site evaluation and ask the right questions in order to help you choose the best floor scrubber for your application.

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