Floor Polishers and Burnishers

Floor Polishers and Burnishers


A floor polisher or burnisher is the ideal piece of equipment to clean, polish or buff most types of commercial or industrial hard floor surface.  Whether you are looking for a high-speed burnisher to restore and maintain a worn concrete, stone or terrazzo surface or an efficient polisher to clean and polish a high-gloss hardwood floor, we’ve got the right machine to restore and maintain your hard floors.


Both cleaning machines are used for floor maintenance, however they serve distinctly different purposes and have different features. Commercial Cleaning Equipment are experts in floor cleaning machines and can help you determine the best polisher or burnisher for your specific needs. We only supply trusted brands including Polivac, Pioneer Eclipse, Numatic and Tennant.


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Choosing a floor polisher or burnisher can be a daunting task with so many brands, features and technical specifications to consider. Understanding the difference between a polisher and burnisher is the first step to ensure you are choosing the right type of machine to achieve the result required. See our FAQS on the Differences between the two machines.

We have listed below some factors to consider before purchasing a floor polisher or burnisher:

  • Primary cleaning function – this will help determine whether you need a polisher or burnisher (cleaning, scrubbing, buffing, polishing, stripping, restoration)
  • Floor area to be covered – size and type be cleaned
  • Power source (electric, battery or gas powered)
  • Size and weight of machine
  • Speed of operation


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A floor polisher or burnisher is the ideal piece of equipment to clean, polish or buff hard floor surfaces such as wood, tile, concrete, vinyl, terrazzo and marble. They are regularly used in commercial and industrial environments and are an important tool to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of large floor areas exposed to heavy foot traffic.  Whether you are looking for a high-speed burnisher to maintain a newly sealed floor or require an efficient polisher to scrub and buff a vinyl floor, we’ve got the right machine to suit your needs.

A floor burnisher is a powerful, specialised machine designed for maintenance and polishing and used to enhance the gloss or shine of sealed surfaces. It is also known as an UHS (Ultra High Speed) Polisher. They generally feature a motorised rotary pad or brush that spins at very high speeds in excess of 1,500 RPM, generating heat and friction that smooths out imperfections, scuff marks, and scratches on floor surfaces.  They are ideal for creating a super high gloss finish on sealed floors in high traffic areas, such as supermarkets, hospitals, schools, office buildings and shopping centres. Floor burnishers usually work in a straight line and can be electric, battery or LPG powered.


Steam cleaners can be used for deep cleaning, surface sanitising, and are an important cleaning machine to improve infection prevention & control measures across industry, government an households. Steam cleaners can be used to clean and sanitise hard floors including sealed tiles, hardwood floors, vinyl and lino. They can also be used to clean above ground surfaces such as grout, sinks, tubs, countertops, carpets, mattresses, upholstery, showers, ovens, stove tops, grills, glass, windows, curtains, cars and much more. Steam cleaners come with a variety of special attachments to be used to clean different surfaces.

A floor polisher, also known as a floor buffer, is a specialised machine designed to clean, scrub and polish a variety of hard floor surfaces including vinyl, marbles, wood, tile and concrete. Floor polishers usually feature a motorised rotary brush or pad that spins at high speeds (approx. 400 RPM) to remove dirt, dust, stains and scuff marks. A variety of pads/brushes can be used for a variety of floor surfaces. They are regularly used in residential, commercial and industrial settings for general cleaning and maintenance.


There are two types of floor polishers – high speed polishers which operate at about 400 RPM and low speed (or high torque) scrubber/polishers which operate at about 180 RPM.

Both floor polishers and floor burnishers are highly effective machines for floor maintenance, however they serve distinctly different purposes, and it is important to understand why and how they differ. At CCE, we understand commercial cleaning and we can help you choose the right cleaning machines for your building’s cleaning needs.


The differences between a polisher and burnisher is related to the speed, motion and primary cleaning function they are used for.


Floor burnishers

  • Primary cleaning function – create a high gloss shine to hard floor surfaces. As the burnisher’s motor spins the head much faster the floor can be polished more quickly and to a higher sheen than a floor polisher.
  • Speed – operate at very high speeds (1000-3000 RPM) to generate heat and friction which smooths the sealer or polish on the surface of the floor creating a high gloss.
  • Motion/Operation – the operator moves the burnisher forward and backwards. Special burnishing pads are used to produce a glossy finish. During the burnishing process a small amount of dust is produced and collected in the dust control system. Floor burnishers use a mechanical process involving high-speed disc rotations to produce a much higher gloss finish that can be achieved in a faster time when compared to floor polishers.
  • Floor surface – hard floors only including marble, terrazzo and concrete. Primarily used on floors that are already clean and in good condition.
  • Size/weight – generally much heavier and larger units compared to floor polishers due to the complex engine design that generates more power for much higher speeds. Burnishers are also available in ride-on models for very large floor surfaces.
  • Generally, operates in a straight line.


Floor polishers

  • Primary cleaning function – multi-purpose floor cleaning machines that are primarily used for surface scrubbing, polishing, cleaning, and stripping hard floors. Removes scuff marks, eliminates previous finishes from the floor, levels the surface, and enhance the floor’s original shine.
  • Speed – operates between speeds of 175 -400 RPM.
  • Motion/Operation – utilises a swing or side to side motion to agitate the cleaning solution on the floor surface. Can be used wet to scrub or dry to polish.
  • Floor surfaces – wide range of flooring materials, including hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl.
  • Size/weight – generally compact, lightweight models that are easy to lift in and out of a car, making them perfect for commercial cleaners.
  • Types – there are two types of polishers – either low speed or high speed. Low speed machines can have a solution tank installed to dispense cleaning fluid. Suction – high speed models sometimes have a vacuum on board to capture dust. Some manufacturers, such as Comac, produce a dual speed machine, which can be used to scrub (on low speed) or polish (high speed)

Choosing the correct cleaning equipment for floor maintenance can be an overwhelming task. At CCE we can help guide you through the factors to consider before purchasing your floor scrubber or burnisher to ensure you are well informed and have the right machine for your cleaning task.


Here are a just a few factors to consider:


  • Cleaning Purpose – the desired cleaning outcome is the first starting point. Consider whether it is for regular floor maintenance, scrubbing, buffing, polishing or stripping and restoration to create high gloss floor finish.
  • Floor Surface Type – what types of surfaces are to be maintained? Hard floors such as wood, tiles, marbles, concrete, terrazzo.
  • Size of the Area – consider the total floor area, layout and frequency of cleaning to determine the size and performance requirements most suitable.
  • Speed & performance – Burnishers and polishers come in various speeds measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). Ultra-high-speed models create a much better shine. Pad sizes should also be considered as larger pads allow greater surface areas being covered in a shorter time period. Some models feature adjustable speed settings for greater control.
  • Size & Manoeuvrability – will the machine be used at different locations? Consider how easy it will be to transport, based upon it’s weight and collapsible handles. Does the machine have adjustable handles, user friendly, intuitive controls?
  • Power source – available in electric, battery-powered and gas models. Consider access to power outlets, battery charge time, and emissions relating to gas models.
  • Noise – consider whether there are noise restrictions in the facility and determine the x of the models.
  • Maintenance, Service & Support – assess what maintenance is required for the machine and whether there is a local supplier for repairs and ongoing maintenance and has access to spare parts. Only purchase from a supplier that can also offer this backup service and initial training of the machine.
  • Budget – when working out your budget it is important to consider the initial outlay but also the ongoing maintenance costs including pad replacements, power costs etc. Consider productivity improvements by purchasing a large model that maintain floors more quickly.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment stock a range of high-quality floor polishers and burnishers including trusted brands like Comac, Polivac, Pioneer Eclipse, Numatic and Tennant. Only consider global brands that provide robust, durable machines backed up by warranty and after sales support.

Contact Commercial Cleaning Equipment today on 08 9249 8744 for a competitive, obligation-free quote and elevate your floors with our high-quality floor polishers and burnishers.

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