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The Duplex product range now boasts a range of over thirty stocked machines including heavy duty industrial floor scrubbers, battery-powered floor scrubbers, sweepers, carpet steam cleaners, steam vacuums and escalator cleaners; all of which are designed to make everyday cleaning tasks faster, greener, easier and safer than traditional cleaning methods. Duplex machines are re-known for being very versatile, robust, high quality and chemical-free.


Italian designed and manufactured Duplex industrial floor cleaning machines are constructed using the highest quality components and engineering. Duplex products are characterised by practicality, manageability and ease of use; the easy adaptability to any type of floor – including carpet – the ability to clean up to the walls and in the areas corners, washing, immediate recovery of dirt and bi-directionality contribute to a great saving of working time.
Duplex are focussed on delivering effective, efficient, versatile and durable industrial cleaning machines.


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