Mopping Systems

Mops & Mopping Systems


Our range of mops and mopping systems include heavy duty systems designed for use in areas such as hotels, hospitals, aged care facilities and other areas requiring frequent cleaning.


Numatic’s world first, complete dual-bucket mopping system incorporates a large, oversize, clean water bucket and dirty water pail using Numatic’s patented AWS (Automatic Water Separation) system.


Some of the benefits of dual-bucket mopping systems include:

  • Increase Productivity – Exceptionally efficient with use of complete mop selection.
  • Prevents Contamination – Dirty water is simply diverted to the dirty bucket keeping your clean water, clean.
  • Ease of Transit – The all-terrain fixed transit wheels option makes covering rough ground a breeze.
  • Sustainably Engineered – Made from 77% high-quality recycled material using ReFlo Technology.
  • Built to Last – Chemical-resistant, heavy-duty Structofoam construction for easy-clean design.