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Karcher BRC 40-22C carpet cleaner

How To Choose a Carpet Extractor for Your Business

Deciding on a carpet extractor for your business can be challenging, particularly as there are many different makes and models to choose from with a vast range of advanced features. The team at Commercial Cleaning Equipment understands just how critical it is to make the right choice of machine to

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Tennant R14 ride on carpet etxtractor

How To Deep Clean Carpets

When it comes to carpet hygiene, a routine sweep with a vacuum cleaner is sufficient for maintaining aesthetics and getting rid of some superficial dirt, but if you need a deep and thorough carpet clean in your commercial operation, then you need a specialised machine. In this article, we’ll discuss

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The new SHOCK MotorScrubber – Transform the Way You Clean

After three years of intensive product development and testing, the new SHOCK MotorScrubber, the world’s lowest profile oscillating floor scrubber, is now market-ready. Commercial Cleaning Equipment is proud to be selected as a preferred distributor for this product in Western Australia. This groundbreaking cleaning machine has been precision engineered with

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Cleaning Business Starter Pack

Setting up a new cleaning business? Unsure of what cleaning equipment and supplies you need to get started? SAVE OVER $100 on our STARTER KIT Whether your new business will be servicing residential, commercial or industrial clients, you will want to deliver superior cleaning results.  Also, you will want the

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Complete Guide To Floor Cleaning Machines And Their Uses

The floor cleaning machines on the market today are more powerful, more intuitive and more efficient than ever before, enabling superior cleaning results in much shorter timeframes.  With advancements in technology and a focus on ergonomic design, they are also safer, easier to operate and more environmentally friendly than the

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How To Clean A Concrete Floor

If you are searching for cleaning machines to clean a concrete or decorative concrete floor there are many floor cleaning machines to choose from. Whilst concrete floors are relatively easy to maintain it is important to choose the right cleaning products, equipment and methods in order to preserve the integrity,

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Cleaning Trolleys & Carts Your Housekeeping Team Will Love

Housekeeping carts and cleaning trolleys are essential tools used in the hotel and hospitality industries due to their many benefits. They offer more efficient and effective housekeeping activities, allowing housekeeping staff to access cleaning supplies, toiletries, amenities, and linen in one place. As the carts and trolleys are designed with

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MotorScrubber SHOCK cleans to edge

Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Own Cleaning Business

Cleaning may not be the most fashionable industry, but cleaning will never go out of fashion. That is because there is always high demand for both domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning services – and the good news is that it is not difficult to establish a cleaning business. It is

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Karcher BR 45 22 C Floor scrubber

5 Best Cleaning Machines To Clean A School

There are many reasons why every school environment needs to be kept clean and hygienic including the safety and health of staff, students and visitors. With so many areas to be cleaned it can be overwhelming determining what types of cleaning machines are needed to clean the following areas within

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