How To Clean A Concrete Floor

If you are searching for cleaning machines to clean a concrete or decorative concrete floor there are many floor cleaning machines to choose from. Whilst concrete floors are relatively easy to maintain it is important to choose the right cleaning products, equipment and methods in order to preserve the integrity, the look and the life of the surface.

The cleaning process will depend on a number of factors, including whether the concrete is sealed or unsealed, the level of foot traffic and types of dirt, stain or grime to be removed (e.g., tyre marks, oil, scratches and scuff marks), the frequency of cleaning required, and the floor’s exposure to external elements and the size of the area to be cleaned.

Always use a pH-neutral cleaning solution for sealed or waxed concrete.  Harsh, abrasive or corrosive cleaning products like ammonia, bleach, vinegar, citrus and some degreasers can strip the decorative surface and damage the finish.  Unsealed concrete floors can handle more robust cleaning products.

Choosing the right equipment to master your concrete floor cleaning

Automated cleaning machines such as floor scrubbers, steam cleaners and pressure washers are undoubtedly the best solutions for maintaining and cleaning concrete floors in larger industrial and commercial areas.  These specialised machines are expertly designed to clean efficiently and effectively, and to maintain the appearance and longevity of the concrete surface.

It is always best to discuss your needs with industry experts upfront so that you make the right choice of cleaning equipment.  The team at  Commercial Cleaning Equipment can help you assess the condition of the floor, your cleaning needs, your budget and your desired outcomes so that you invest in the right cleaning machine to help keep your concrete floors looking their best.

Pressure washers

A pressure washer uses high-pressure jets of either hot or cold water to blast away contaminants and is an effective option for removing stubborn stains and dirt.  These machines don’t need hazardous chemicals or intensive physical labour which makes cleaning your concrete floor faster, easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Pressure washers are ideal for outdoor concrete areas such as driveways, patios, pathways and car parks.

Have a look at the Karcher HD 5/12 CX PLUS which is practical, mobile and versatile or the KARCHER HD 4/11 C Bp Pack) which combines innovative technology and maximum convenience.  Many of the high quality, branded machines offer varying levels of pressure and water flow, which enable the operator to customise the cleaning regime according to the level of soiling and the surface area to be covered.

Steam cleaners

Steam cleaners, which use low pressure, high temperature steam to eliminate bacteria, germs and other contaminants, are another cleaning solution for cleaning concrete floors, particularly where rigorous sanitation and hygiene standards are paramount.

Steam cleaners offer versatility and able to clean, not only hard floors, but also tile and grout, upholstery and other surfaces that require cleaning and sanitising. They are used widely in schools, hospitals, aged care and leisure centres.

Tecnovap Jesteam Inox is amongst the best steam cleaners on the market and produces excellent results removing stubborn, built- up grime and stains from concrete floors.

Floor scrubbers and dryers

Floor scrubbers are specially designed to clean large areas of concreted flooring quickly and efficiently making them ideal for commercial and industrial settings. Floor scrubbers use brushes or pads to agitate the dirt and grime, with a combination of water and cleaning agents.  They come in different designs – walk-behind, step-on, ride-on, autonomous mobile robotic, battery-operated models, with many customisable in terms of speed, pressure and the quantity of water used. 

Global brands Karcher, Numatic, Comac and Tennant have an established reputation for producing a range of innovative and efficient scrubbers as well as for their scrubber/sweeper/dryer combination machines.  We stock a wide range of cleaning machines from all leading manufacturers and our expert team is always available to provide guidance on a customised solution for your particular need.

Some of the best walk-behind models on the market for cleaning concrete floors are the Tennant machines.  For example, there is the lightweight yet immensely powerful walk-behind T300 and the compact T7 ride-on floor scrubber.  The T16 ride-on auto scubber is a popular choice for covering more extensive areas.

A last word on cleaning concrete floors

Concrete floors endure heavy punishment on a continuous basis.  Whether it’s from heavy foot traffic, vehicle movement, spills and splashes, oily residue from machinery, dust and grime from exposure to the elements which can take their toll on the surface’s aesthetics and performance.

While a durable concrete floor is an excellent option for many industrial, commercial and domestic areas, it is vital to clean it using the correct procedures and cleaning equipment in order to maintain its integrity and its appearance and to prolong its lifespan.

There are several options for cleaning concrete floors and whether a floor scrubber, pressure washer or steam cleaner is right for you, we can help you understand the capabilities and limitations of each machine and to reach an informed purchasing decision.

Browse our extensive range of world-leading commercial cleaning equipment on our website or contact us 08 9249 8744 for a friendly, obligation-free chat about how to clean concrete floors effectively and choose a machine that is best-suited to your application. 

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