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Rubbermaid 9T72 high capacity cleaning cart
Housekeeping carts and cleaning trolleys are essential tools used in the hotel and hospitality industries due to their many benefits. They offer more efficient and effective housekeeping activities, allowing housekeeping staff to access cleaning supplies, toiletries, amenities, and linen in one place. As the carts and trolleys are designed with many shelves and compartments it is much easier to access and find items. Housekeeping staff will also benefit with greater mobility to transport heavy items from room to room which also leads to greater productivity. The result is quicker turnaround times in cleaning and preparing rooms, allowing you to accommodate more guests, which would appeal to any hotel or hospitality owner.

What is the difference between a housekeeping cart and cleaning trolley?

A housekeeping cart, also called a maid cart, is a mobile, wheeled device primary used to transport housekeeping supplies such as linen, toiletries, and to collect dirty linen and garbage.  Housekeeping carts can also be used for other service including Room Service, restocking mini bars and to transport luggage.

A cleaning trolley, also called a janitorial cart or cleaning cart, is mobile, wheeled unit designed to transport cleaning supplies including mops, buckets, cleaning chemicals & cleaning supplies.

Some carts have the capacity to combine both functions with room to store cleaning supplies and housekeeping items.

How to choose a cleaning trolley or housekeeping cart?

The choice of cleaning trolleys or housekeeping equipment can be the point of difference to your facility, contributing to increased efficiency, productivity, and guest satisfaction. The best trolley or cart will depend on your specific needs of your hotel or hospitality facility. When deciding on a housekeeping trolley for your hotel (or a fleet of trolleys), there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Primary use – what are the types of housekeeping or cleaning activities to be performed? What is the frequency of use?
  • Size and capacity – consider the layout of your property (narrow corridors, lifts, tight corners etc). What supplies will need to be stored on the cart?
  • Mobility and manoeuvrability – consider types of wheels e.g. swivel, ergonomic handles, ease of use.
  • Storage & organisation – consider number of shelves, drawers, hooks, space for cleaning equipment, ease of access.
  • Storage for the cart when not in use
  • Durability – carts can be made form different materials including plastic, metal, wood etc. Look for sturdy wheels and handles that can withstand regular use.
  • Security – some trolleys & carts feature locking compartments to secure valuable supplies.
  • Ergonomics – consider adjustable handles.
  • Budget

The trolley or cart should be fit for purpose and multifunctional, but because it is often visible in public areas, it also needs to be as unobtrusive as possible.  Despite the design challenges, there are some outstanding products from leading global equipment manufacturers that deliver both style and substance.

Top choices of cleaning trolleys

There are several reputable brands in the market that have been producing high quality cleaning carts and housekeeping trolleys for decades. Rubbermaid Commercial Products and Numatic International are widely recognised in the cleaning industry for providing durable and functional carts and trolley, suitable for hotels and the hospitality industry. 

Here are four models which come highly recommended from our sales team at Commercial Cleaning Equipment:

1. Numatic NX2401 Servo-X Folding Laundry Trolley

This compact and versatile, foldable laundry trolley features castor wheels, integrated laundry bag closure system and 240 litre washable laundry bag which can be removed for ease of operation.

Also called a scissor trolley, its scissor design frame folds up neatly and so is ideal for venues where there is limited storage space.  

The Numatic NX2401 Folding Laundry Trolley uses the same bags as the Servo-Keeper and Servo-Bag units which enables seamless integration when combing with other trolleys from Numatic’s Nukeeper Range.

2. Numatic Nukeeper NKU32HF Housekeeping Trolley

These reliable housekeeping trolleys are particularly suited to demanding hotel cleaning regimes where heavy loads and time-sensitive cleaning of public spaces are everyday realities.

Hotel operators can choose from two cabinet design options – the innovative Flexi Front with hideaway front cover or the Hard Front – both of which are constructed from lightweight, yet robust, chemical-resistant Structofoam.  The carts feature a 200 litre (2 *100L) storage capacity for dirty linen.   

The slim profile of the Nukeeper NKU32HF Housekeeping Trolley and its large, heavy duty soft-ride castors allow easy manoeuvrability in narrow corridors and tight spaces (even when the unit is fully loaded) while the lockable bi-fold doors on both models of enable quick access in confined spaces.  Corner buffers on the unit protect walls and doors from damage.

Storage configurations are also limitless, with the option to choose from 12 top tray kits providing multiple storage choices and easily removable for replenishment of consumables.

3. Rubbermaid High-Capacity Cleaning Cart

For venues that require a high-capacity  janitorial cleaning cart to transport cleaning equipment and  supplies and collects waste, the Rubbermaid High Capacity Cleaning cart is the ideal choice. Offering 40% more space than traditional cleaning carts to save time retrieving supplies it is used widely in hotels and resorts.

The Rubbermaid cart is packed with features and benefits, including quiet castor wheels, discrete storage and lids, secure doors and hooks and offer an extensive range of accessories which combine to create an even more efficient cleaning system.

This cart is made from rust-proof aluminium and structural plastic, with 10cm swivel casters and 20cm wheels for fast and efficient portability.  Operators enjoy the comfort grip handle with rubber tool grips, while the Lock ‘n Go bucket attachment, removable disinfecting caddies and dustpan/vacuum holder help to make light work of daily cleaning regimes.

4. Rubbermaid Classic Housekeeping Cart

For a complete housekeeping system solution, look no further than the Rubbermaid Classic Housekeeping Cart. With the cart’s adjustable storage options, it can accommodate your specific cleaning supply needs and ongoing flexibility.

Its commercial grade moulded construction with high-performance 20cm non-marking wheels, locking brake and full-size cabinet deliver outstanding efficiencies with exceptional storage capacity.  Despite its robust construction, this cart is surprisingly nimble and lightweight (only 45kgs) with fully rounded ergonomic handles for easy manoeuvrability. It is also designed to elevate your facility image by allowing staff to blend into the environment with discreet colours, reduced noise, and concealed supplies.

A vinyl bag, bumpers, vacuum holder and under-deck shelf are standard fit-outs, and you can choose a number of optional accessories to enhance productivity and functionality in your hotel facility. 

A last word on cleaning trolleys

Housekeeping carts and cleaning trolleys are indispensable tools in the hotel industry, increasing efficiency, saving time, and ensuring housekeeping staff have necessary supplies readily available to complete their tasks more effectively.

When making you purchasing decision on which trolley or cart it is important to consider the form and function of the cart and what role it can play in improving the efficiencies and quality of your hotel cleaning and hygiene regime. 

The team at Commercial Cleaning Equipment has been advising clients on the best cleaning machines for over 20 years, and we can help your business make the right choice of cleaning trolley or housekeeping cart.  Call us today on 08 9249 8744 or come in store to view our range of trolleys and carts that your housekeeping team will love.

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