How To Deep Clean Carpets

Tennant E5 carpet extractor

When it comes to carpet hygiene, a routine sweep with a vacuum cleaner is sufficient for maintaining aesthetics and getting rid of some superficial dirt, but if you need a deep and thorough carpet clean in your commercial operation, then you need a specialised machine.

In this article, we’ll discuss the modus operandi of the two types of carpet cleaning machines and provide examples of some quality models from leading brands that the team at Commercial Cleaning Equipment recommends to achieve superior deep cleaning results, prolonged carpet life and improved hygiene underfoot as well as atmospherically.


We only supply high quality brands that have a trusted reputation for delivering superior cleaning results. These brands include SV Equipment/Steamvac, Karcher and Tennant.


There are two types of carpet cleaning machine, namely a carpet extractor and a carpet cleaner.  These two machines serve slightly different purposes, and they operate in slightly different ways, but they both deliver excellent results in terms of stain removal, sanitation and deep cleaning.

Carpet Cleaners - how they work and where they are used

Carpet cleaners are sometimes referred to as carpet ‘shampooers’ and these machines use a combination of water and detergents, sometimes with mechanical scrubbing brushes, rollers or pads and sometimes a vacuum to lift dirt and grime from carpets.

The cleaning solution is first injected into the carpet fibres, the brushes (if present) then loosen the particles before the waste and dirty solution is vacuumed into the recovery tank.

Carpet cleaners are for use on carpeted floors and not recommended for hard floors or tiled surfaces.

Carpet cleaners are generally more compact in size, lighter and hence easier to use, maneuver and transport which makes them ideal for use in light commercial or domestic environments. They are also usually a cheaper option for cleaning small areas.

Carpet Extractors - how they work and where they are used

These self-contained machines are specially designed for deep cleaning carpets and upholstery and are very effective for covering larger areas efficiently and quickly.

They operate by first spraying a solution of pressurised water and chemicals through a wand onto the carpet to encapsulate the dirt, dust, sand, stains, grime, allergens and other debris.  This compound then bonds with the dirt particles and separates them from the fibres before it’s sucked up by the machine’s powerful vacuum into a high-capacity tank.

For best results we recommend pre-spraying a detergent solution onto the carpet to give this some “content” or “dwell” time before extracting it out. This encapsulation technology enables a really thorough clean deep into the carpet pile and the low moisture and powerful suction means the floor dries quickly.   

Heavy duty carpet extractors are generally more substantial in size, but advances in their design and technological capabilities have resulted in streamlined modern machines that deliver vastly improved manoeuvrability, low-noise cleaning and enhanced ease of use.

Carpet extractors are used extensively in commercial settings such as hotels, office and restaurants where there is high foot traffic & a requirement for high levels of hygiene. Some carpet extractors have an adjustable pressure pump, and some machines are capable of cleaning tile and grout as well as carpet.

There are different types of extractors to cover all types of cleaning applications including compact carpet spotters, walk-behind machines, self-contained machines and ride-on carpet extractors.  Our range of quality, world leading brands include SV Equipment/ Steamvac, Karcher, and Tennant.

Some recommended carpet extractors for optimum deep cleaning results

Commercial Cleaning Equipment only stocks high-quality machines from leading global brands and our highly experienced team have a thorough understanding of the technical and functional capabilities of every machine that we sell.  We strive to give our customers all the necessary information about the various models to help them make an informed choice which meets their carpet cleaning needs.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the machines that we often recommend for deep cleaning carpets:

SV Equipment/Steamvac

SV Equipment/Steamvac are the pioneers of fibreglass carpet extractors in Australia, having been around since 1977 and is a preferred choice for reliable high-performance machines that deliver superior deep cleans for carpets and upholstery as well as hard surfaces.  Another major advantage of this leading brand is that it is 100% Australian-owned and the machines are all manufactured in this country. 

SV Equipment/Steamvac is favoured by carpet cleaning companies and businesses – and our friendly team can assist you in making the right choice of machine for your needs.

Some of our best-selling SV Equipment/Steamvac models are:

We also recommend the following carpet extractors from leading global manufacturers Tennant and Karcher:

Carpet extractors for every application

We understand that “deep cleaning” of carpets means different things to different people.  Not every job is the same and it’s important to choose the right machine to achieve optimum results. Consider factors such as the size of area to be cleaned, frequency of cleaning, the type of carpet fibres and the level of soiling and dirt to be removed.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment has an extensive range of high-quality machines to choose from which will support your specific commercial or industrial carpet cleaning requirements. Contact our knowledgeable team to view our range, get a quote or request a product demonstration on-site or at our premises in Malaga.  Contact us on 08 9249 8744 or visit our website for comprehensive information on our extensive range of carpet cleaners and carpet extractors.

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