Karcher’s NEW 36V Battery Power Range of Professional Cleaning Equipment

Karcher 36V Battery Powered Cleaning Machines

Introducing Karcher's 36V Battery Powered Range of Professional Cleaning Equipment

From the global leaders in cleaning technology, Karcher has released a full range of cleaning equipment utilising 36V Battery Power+ Technology. With just one battery you can switch between Karcher’s high pressure cleaners, blower, wet and dry vacuum cleaner or dry vacuum cleaners.

Portable Power No Cable Battery Technology Redesigned

36V Battery. Powerful. Mobile.

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Karcher 36V Battery Breakdown

Karcher Battery Power+

When technology thinks for itself – the machine communication.
The batteries of the Kärcher Battery Power+ platform are designed so that they can communicate with the machine that they operate. This means information can be read from the battery and displayed on any interface in the machine, even if the battery is fitted at a position that is difficult to view.


Power and safety – temperature monitoring

The Karcher battery monitor keeps the battery in an optimal temperature range protecting it against overheating, possible combustion and premature ageing.


Pleasant and comfortable – the handling.
It is only one detail, but it is of great importance. Soft, flexible components are integrated, which ensure easy handling and good grip. Not an important technological feature for a battery, but an obvious advantage for the professional user.

Remaining Run-time

Karcher 36V Battery Remaining Run Time

When the machine is in operation the user is constantly aware of the remaining runtime and thus knows to the exact minute when the battery has to be changed or charged. The runtime is adapted depending on the machine.

Battery Capacity as a Percentage

Karcher Battery Capacity

The battery capacity can be read at a glance. know. Don’t Guess – Real Time Technology.

Remaining Charge Time

Karcher Battery Remaining Charge Time

During the charging process the remaining charging time is shown on the display. This means the user knows exactly when he can start working again. 

View Karcher's Battery Power+ Range

Karcher TT 9/1 Bp Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Battery-Powered Dry Vacuum Cleaner T 9/1 Bp

The extremely powerful battery-powered dry vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp with eco!efficiency mode impresses with cleaning results at the standard of mains-operated dry vacuum cleaners. The quiet, robust, cordless vacuum cleaner with long-lasting, brushless motor.


Karcher 36V Battery Wet & Dry Vacuum

Battery-Powered Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner NT 22/1 Ap Bp

Compact, light and versatile: thanks to its powerful Kärcher Battery Power+ battery, our battery-powered wet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 22/1 Ap Bp also impresses in places without an external power supply for demanding wet and dry applications.



Battery-Powered Backpack Vacuum Cleaner BVL 5/1 Bp

Ultra-light at just 5kg and extremely robust thanks to innovative EPP material: The powerful and long-lasting cordless backpack vacuum BVL 5/1 Bp from Kärcher for cleaning tasks in the narrowest of spaces.



Karcher Battery Puzzi 9/1 Bp Spray Extraction Cleaner

Battery-Powered Spray Extraction Cleaner Puzzi 9/1 Bp

For maximum manoeuvrability when deep cleaning upholstery: Karcher’s robust Puzzi 9/1 Bp cordless spray extraction cleaner with extra-short upholstery nozzle and much more.

Karcher battery BR 30/ C Bp Scrubber Drier

Battery-Powered Scrubber Drier BR 30/4 C BP

Karcher’s light and very compact battery-powered BR 30/4 C Bp scrubber drier, which ensures dry, non-slip floors immediately after cleaning, weighs just 14 kg.

Karcher 36V High Pressure Cleaner

Battery-Powered High-Pressure Cleaner HD 4/11 C Bp

Karcher’s first battery powered professional high-pressure cleaner – a world first. Driven by 2 powerful 36 V Battery Power+ batteries, 72 V is available for maximum power & endurance.

Karcher Battery Caret Brush Vacuum Cleaner

Battery-Powered Carpet Vacuum Sweeper CVS 65/1 Bp

Battery powered, low-noise CVS 65/1 Bp carpet vacuum sweeper for cleaning medium to large carpet areas. The carpet sweeper has a two-step filter system.

Karcher 36V Battery Leaf Blower

Battery-Powered Leaf Blower LB 930/36 Bp

Our battery powered LB 930/36 Bp leaf blower clears dry leaves and other debris quickly, thoroughly and quietly. And it does it with absolutely no emissions.

Karcher battery BR 30/1 C Bp Scrubber Drier

Battery-Powered Scrubber Drier BR 30/1 C Bp

Ideal for hygienic maintenance cleaning and floor disinfection on small areas: The compact BR 30/1 C Bp Pack cordless scrubber drier with microfibre roller technology from Kärcher.

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