Actichem Conquer O2 stain remover for carpets & upholstery

Actichem Conquer O2

Actichem’s Conquer O2 is a stain remover for carpets and upholstery that kills germs and removes stains in one go.

Conquer O2 has been designed to build on the outstanding ability of free oxygen to remove the toughest of stains from fibres & fabrics, provide powerful sanitisation and eliminate mal-odours. Conquer O2 has teamed up the awesome oxidising power of oxygen with wetting agents and encapsulating polymers to deliver a carpet and fabric stain remover which will remove those impossible stains which other spotters leave behind.
Thanks to the latest in polymer and surfactant technology, Conquer O2 delivers reliable, dependable results every time.

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Actichem Conquer O2

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