Actichem Mould Remover Mould remover & sanitiser for washrooms

Actichem Mould Remover

Actichem Mould Remover is an environmentally responsible mould remover and sanitiser for washrooms.

The Actichem Responsibly Green Mould Exterminator is an innovative and powerful solution to removing mould and mildew in washrooms and changerooms/locker rooms. Mould Exterminator will quickly and effectively kill mould and remove the staining left behind to leave the surface clean and germ free. Mould Exterminator can also be used as a high performance sanitiser for hard surfaces. Mould Exterminator provides premium performance in mould removal and sanitisation without the risk of damaging sensitive natural stone surfaces in bathrooms.


  • Kills mould and mildew fast.
  • Fast and effective cleaning and sanitising power.
  • Removes stains from hard surfaces.
  • Safe on all hard surfaces in washrooms, laundries and kitchens.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Non-flammable.

Environmentally responsible mould remover and sanitiser for washrooms.


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Actichem Mould Remover

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