Actichem Tile & Grout Power super-strength hard floor cleaner & degreaser.

Actichem Tile & Grout Power

Actichem Tile & Grout Power is a super-strength hard floor cleaner & degreaser.

Tile & Grout Power is the superhero of hard floor cleaning! Removing grease, oils and general grime is what Tile & Grout Power does exceptionally well. Tile & Grout Power is also super versatile, which is why cleaning specialists love using it to clean tiles, natural stone and concrete that requires that extra hard hit to get a good result. Not only is Tile & Grout Power especially good at removing grease and oily grime from hard floors, but you will also find that it will quickly and easily remove carbon build-up from almost any hard surface.

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Actichem Tile & Grout Power

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