Comac CS100B/D Ride On Sweeper

  • Comfortable & powerful industrial ride-on sweeper
  • Battery-powered or diesel-powered
  • Ideal for heavy duty cleaning both indoors & outdoors
  • Easily collects solid debris & light dust


These sweeping machines are at the top of the range in terms of power, performance capacity, resistance and ability to perform heavy duty tasks. The CS100B/D are suitable for cleaning the most resistant dirt on outdoor and indoor surfaces such as those of department stores and car parks up to 10,000 sq. m.


  • CS100B/D have been designed to easily collect solid debris and light or heavy dust and also providing excellent driving comfort for the operator.
  • They are available with two different motorisations: with a battery, or a diesel and feature a work-track of 135 cm with 1 side brush. CS100 is also available in a street-use approved version that may be used for the cleaning of public areas.
  • They also feature an electric filter shaker that is directly controlled from a button on the instrument panel to keep the pocket filter always clean.
  • The hydraulic system with solenoid valve and direct distributors is especially simple and reliable and controls are extremely practical to use.
  • All models feature an oil cooler with independent thermostat and solenoid valve in order to keep oil temperature within the ideal range and ensure best efficiency. In this way consumption is reduced and components’ life extended, while battery-powered versions may operate up to 5 hours.

Technical Information

Working Width 135/170 cm (with side brush)
Hopper Capacity 400L
Power Source 36V Battery or Diesel
Coverage Rate 9,450 to 11,475 m²/hour

Product Brochure

Comac CS100B/D Ride On Sweeper

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Comac CS100B/D Ride On Sweeper

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